Download and Install Office Setup

What is Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office is a combination of office applications like word, excel, powerpoint and many more. Every application fills a remarkable need and offers a particular support of its clients. For example “MS Word” is utilized to make documentation and official work. Microsoft PowerPoint is utilized to make introductions. Microsoft Outlook is utilized to oversee email and schedules. There are others also.

Since there are countless applications to browse, and in light of the fact that few out of every odd client needs every one of them, Microsoft bunches the applications together in assortments called suites. There’s a set-up of uses for understudies, a suite for home and independent venture clients, and a suite for huge partnerships. There’s even a suite for schools. Every one of these suites is evaluated dependent on what’s remembered for it.

Microsoft Word

It is a graphic word processor used for type and save documents

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is used as a spreadsheet.

Microsoft PowerPoint

It's a powerful presentation software used for present data and information

Microsoft OneNote

It is a Note Taking application, it can save text as well as multimedia documents

Microsoft Outlook

It's a personal information manager software system used for mails and more

Microsoft Publisher

It's a Publishing Application used to create Visiting Card, Greeting cards, calenders, Newsletters and more

Microsoft Office 356


Microsoft Office 365 is a set-up of cloud-based profitability launched on 28 June 2011, and coordinated effort applications that incorporates all Microsoft’s current online applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Sway, and Access) into a cloud administration, adding Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams as the fundamental correspondence and cooperation Endeavors of all sizes are discovering Office 365 coordinated effort to be progressively famous because of its capacity to drive profitability, ROI and corporate achievement.

Description :

Numerous Office clients experience issues working out what Microsoft Office 365 really is. Habitually it is likened with the “exemplary” Office item. The clients accordingly accept that they essentially get Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and so on “from the cloud”. Yet, accurately this angle accompanies new, extra advantages. We clarify what they are.

In spite of the fact that Office 365 gives the genuine Office bundle, this is just a small amount of the highlights on offer. The genuine advantage is much of the time misjudged or even neglected totally. My own view is that Office 365 makes a basic and key course inside the undertaking. Other than highlights, for example, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online or Skype for Business Online, Office 365 empowers security capacities, information investigations, venture work, constant correspondence, interpersonal organizations and considerably more.

It would surpass the extent of this post to give any sort of authoritative response to this inquiry. You could compose a whole book on the point! So we will pick only one model.

How about we take a gander at a medium-sized endeavor from the car business. Obviously this organization will likewise be dependent on a decent IT foundation. It follows, consequently, that assets, innovation and a spending will be made accessible to establish an appropriate IT climate. Other than being secure, current and profoundly accessible, it additionally should be anything but difficult to keep up.


1. Investigate and Integrate : Office 365 Integrates flawlessly with Microsoft Office and other Microsoft programs. All that’s needed is a couple of moments to make a preliminary record that clients can test and incorporate with the cloud.

2. Team up Anywhere Anytime : With Office 365, clients get web-empowered admittance to email, records, contacts, and schedules paying little mind to whichever gadget or program they use.


3. Keep Awake and Running always : Your applications keep running in the cloud and putting away your information there, it can save all your business records and applications, for example, email, will consistently be accessible – regardless of whether your organization encounters a calamity, for example, a fire or a flood.

4. Adaptability : With different alternatives in the Office 365 suite, undertakings purchase just the workplace arrangements they need and convert CAPEX into OPEX.

5. Single Sign-on (SSO) : Users can store their secret phrase in the framework plate of their machine to try not to need to over and over sign in.

6. Backing : Users get business-class administration, a monetarily upheld 99.9% uptime ensure, geo-repetitive server farms, fiasco recuperation, hearty security, protection controls, and norms.

7. Security: Office 365 has inherent security and nonstop consistence. You are well known where your information is right now and who see it. You can likewise distantly wipe all information from your cell phone if it’s lost or taken.

8. No Licensing Issues: Office 365 incorporates all authorizing and it very well may be sent broad. This implies everybody has a similar variant of Microsoft Office, and all clients get overhauls simultaneously.

9. Get Organized: When you use Office 365, email, schedule and contacts are completely synchronized. Store a contact on Your Mobile phone and that will be continuesly refreshed over the entirety of your gadgets. You can likewise get to a similar information from any gadget or spare a report on your PC and keep chipping away at it on your cell phone or tablet.

10. Ongoing Collaboration: Teams can work together with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Clients can see constant alters or increments their partners are making to an archive. It likewise spares every form consequently, so you can return to more seasoned forms without any problem. This guarantees a speedier and less complex joint effort among representatives and divisions, bringing about improved efficiency.

How to Install Office Setup

  1. Go to Microsoft Office Official Website
  2. Sign In with your email ID or if you are new click on  Register.
  3. Now enter Your Product key and click on Next